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Information technology has become a major component in today’s world. IT has entered every field of human endeavour and continues to find newer applications every day. This has increased the scope in the field resulting in the increasing preference to learn more about the field. But information technology is a very competitive field and the completion of the degree, masters or doctorate requires a tremendous amount of dedication from the student. There will be a lot of assignments that the student will have to complete and several papers to be submitted before they are conferred the degree. These papers and assignments will assure that the student has deep knowledge in the various aspects of information technology. This is how their skills are developed and how information technology gains even newer grounds of potential and applications.

Students of information technology can get a variety of assignments ranging from homework and projects to essays and reports. Depending on the degree, these assignments will also increase or decrease in difficulty level. It is very important that the students are well versed in their subjects. Students need to know the format that is expected by the instructor. Depending on the specifications of the university, the referencing system, the style of writing and the grading systems will change. Students need to be aware of this before writing the assignment. If the assignments are theory essays then there has to be an introduction, body and conclusion, with title pages and bibliography. These have to comply with the requirements as set by the university. According to the basic tenets of essay writing, there must not be any plagiarism and everything has to be referenced accordingly. Plagiarism is not only ethically wrong but it will also lead to the student being rusticated by the university.

Information technology is a vast subject that includes the study of Computer Programming, Mathematical Foundation of Computer Science, Object Oriented Programming, Unix and Shell Programming, Digital Communication,Computer Networking,Analysis and Design of Algorithms, Database Management System and so on. There are also various other areas of study like Operating system, data compression, warehousing, fault tolerant system cryptography and so on. As mentioned earlier Information technology is a very vast subject and more subjects are being added to the list. Assignments could be from any of these subjects and every assignment will have a different template to it. The referencing systems could also change. For instance for papers written by students that are pursuing the fields of engineering, electronics, telecommunications, computer science and information technology, the method of referencing that is used it the IEEE style which is essentially the Institute of Electric and Electronic Engineers Inc.

Information technology papers will require a deep knowledge of the various programming languages and code. There may be essays on a technical subject but it need not necessarily be in a introduction, body and conclusion format. Depending on the topic the style of essay may differ. Assignments also may be given in the form of programming assignments. For instance, the assignment may be to write a program in a particular computer language. In that case the student will need to know the program algorithm, and also the language. Information technology assignments require a technical knowledge that is unique to the subject and only if one possesses such a knowledge can one write an information technology essay like a pro.

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